Fallow Gallery

Fallow Gallery is an initiative to run a not-for-profit retail space for NSCAD student and alumni work out of a humble snack vending machine. This student run space takes inspiration from, and will attempt to fill some of the void left by the closure of Seeds Gallery in 2013.

The permanent home for the Fallow Gallery is in the Granville mall to honour the original location of the Seeds Gallery. However, the possibility of installing at the farmers market during the summer months would work to bridge the gap between the larger community and NSCAD, collect a high revenue, as well as symbolize the rebirth of the spirit of Seeds.

This project is not viewed as a permanent solution for the closure of Seeds Gallery but a substitute in its absence. Fallow Gallery will continue to run until a superior commercial space for student and alumni supersedes it. Fallow Gallery seeks to be self sufficient. The sales from artworks sold in the machine will be used to cover the low costs of running a vending machine and renting space.

The new gallery aims to reach out to students to curated themed group and solo shows. Offering the space to house a rotation of work from the different disciplines within the university is another incentive that would showcase the diversity of talent of students. Reaching out to classes to take the machine on as a curatorial project would be an excellent way of making connections with faculty. Taking inspiration from the partnership between the Anna and Seeds, it would be hoped that the machine could provide a reserved coil for artists exhibiting at the Anna, for the duration of their show as an “Artist Spotlight.”
On top of collaborating with NSCAD we will work on community engagement in the arts. The vending machine, being portable, Fallow Gallery will be open to collaborations with other groups and organizations.

Подкрепен от Halifax, NS (November 2015)