The Road Trip Sessions

The Road Trip Sessions is an online video series, where we pack up the van and take artists on the road and into the wild, capturing them in their most stripped back acoustic format. We will hunt down South Australia's best kept secret locations and take this cohort of creative minds to rolling hillsides and rocky cliff faces, we'll build campfires in the sand and teepees in the trees. We'll hike to hidden beaches, navigate to unknown forests, with guitars on our backs and picnic baskets in hand. As the sun slides down the sky, and light fades to glow, we'll capture this string of marvellous moments to bring to the online world the most beautiful collision of quality music in the most idyllic setting.

It was the discussion of four friends over a pot of tea, all sharing ideas on how we could showcase some of the greatest things about our state - the quality of music that exists within it, the serene and untouched nature of our landscapes and the collection of brands, products and ideas that make Adelaide and South Australia us unique and as brilliant as it is. We wanted to encapsulate these ideals and showcase it to the rest of the globe as a little insight into our humble world.

Подкрепен от Adelaide (May 2015)