Liverpool Small Cinema

Ok, so, we are building a small cinema in Liverpool. An independent, artist-led, volunteer run screening space in city. A place for local film-makers to share work, A space for people to find alternative films, explore repertory cinema and get involved in the programming. This isnt as daft as it sounds. Berlin has nearly 50 small independent cinemas housed in all kinds of strange spaces across the city. Across the UK, film clubs are starting to make their own cinemas. We follow in the footsteps of Newcastle's Star and Shadow and Bristol's Cube Cinema - both run by artists as not for profit co-operatives.

Who are 'we'? We are artist collective Re-Dock, along with a band of liverpool based film programmers including the Liverpool Radical Film Festival, Think cinema, Elswhere Cinema, Food for Real Fest, Adam Scovell (Celluloid Wickerman) and Chris Brown of the Video Nasties Podcast. Expect challenging documentaries, uplifting world cinema, surreal artist film, local filmmakers, 1970s folk horror, schlock horror as well as recent and classic repertory cinema.

We are also joined by a number of volunteers and contributors who have donated time, materials and and skills. Since the launch of the project we have collected contributions of timber, timber, more timber, screws, nails, a drill, cables, an amp. We've also been working with local artists, furniture makers, businesses, and electrician, and even a pilot (in his spare time) to build the cinema. Weve been adding people to our Roll of Honour (see the site).

The cinema space is based in a former Magistrate's Court on Victoria St. There are lots of other things starting to happen in the building - its pretty exciting.

So, we have a space. that's one key part of the jigsaw. And we have programmers - thats another. And we even have actual cinema seats - they came from the Stockport Plaza - a generous donation of lush blue velvet seats with golden legs. We just need....

Подкрепен от Liverpool (March 2015)