Ordinary Days Plano

Ordinary Days is a musical about 4 different people simply trying to make it by in an ordinary day living in New York! It really gets interesting when their lives start to go downhill but they regain spirits through their hilarious and bubbly friend. This is nothing more than a fun, romantic comedy musical. It is directed by students at Plano East Senior High and will be put on this summer at the Cox Building. THE REASON WE ARE PUTTING ON THE SHOW: recently, a man named Jason Manthe died of Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 31 with three kids, another on the way, and an unemployed wife. Since this is a completely donation driven production, all the ticket sales and food sales would be piled together; half of this would go straight to the Manthe family to help them financially, the other half would be donated towards Alzheimer's Research in honor of Jason Manthe.

Подкрепен от Plano, TX (April 2015)