Back-To-Work Kit!

We believe that work promotes independence, provides self-confidence, and removes people from isolation, thus leading to a happier and more joyful life. Although we are a small organization, we make a significant impact in the local community. We attribute our success to our unique approach that combines a warm, homelike environment with a caring, dedicated staff. While we provide quality services that produce remarkable outcomes, there are unmet needs that individuals searching for jobs in the community have. Our services, compassion, and knowledge seem limited when our job seekers in the community struggle with not being able to meet basic needs. Many of the youth and adults with whom we work, have learned basic computer skills, and job seeking skills through our services. However they have no means to buy deodorant, or a pair of dress socks for their job interview. Our participants in the Social Skills Group learned with much patience socially acceptable ways to interact with people, and received training in the community during work try-outs with various employers; however, they do not have basic hygiene items such as shaving lotion or razors, shampoo, or soap, that would help them get a clean look for the right interview. Job seekers often miss out on the opportunity to show employers that they have the necessary skills for the job, because of a bad first impression. Therefore, we thought of a Back-To-Work Supply List that encompasses basic items that a job seeker would need during the job search process; an idea that we hope to turn into a real project with the help of the Awesome Foundation, a project that can inspire and bring communities together in spreading hope and encouragement. A Back-to-Work Kit can make a difference by helping individuals make a good first impression on a job interview! Because a fresh shave, a tie, or the right socks, can get you hired! These details can turn an opportunity into a new beginning and a chance to a better life!

Подкрепен от Seattle, WA (October 2014)