Pittsburgh's Smallest Jazz Club

MCG Jazz and I plan to create “Pittsburgh’s Smallest Jazz Club” in an active bus shelter in a Pittsburgh neighborhood. A pedestrian or bus passenger waiting for their bus could enter the shelter, push a button on the wall and embedded speakers and an Ipod would begin playing jazz music from one of MCG Jazz’ Grammy Award winning record label. On the interior walls of the bus shelter’ we would feature awesome images of Pittsburgh’s jazz legends, and a blank “your face here!” space to take a picture of yourself at “Pittsburgh’s Smallest Jazz Club.” Picture this: people are waiting for a bus when one of them pushes the music button. A great swing band tune begins to play. People are tapping their feet. Hips start to sway. Bus patrons are smiling. Selfies are being snapped. It’s unlike any bus shelter experience ever. The intent is to promote jazz music as Pittsburgh’s greatest arts export, and to remind people that jazz music (and art) is fun, familiar and everywhere. How exciting to be able to promote America’s oldest art form in such a new and creative way.

To promote the idea, Pittsburgh’s Smallest Jazz Club would have its own Facebook page, Instagram account and Yelp location. A press release would be sent to MCG Jazz’ national jazz media list, as well as to the local music and new media. A media event would be planned with assistance from Lamar Outdoor, owner of the bus shelters in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Approval and budget has been received from Lamar for playing music in a shelter.

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (October 2014)