TAG Fashion Program

We hope to launch a fashion department within TAG that would provide space for TAG students to create their own unique designs. The idea is to create a program where teens have the opportunity to learn the methodology behind designing clothing, accessories, and fiber art. We would like to implement a system of teaching sustainability in fabrics and clothing through "up-cycling" old garments into wearable, usable art, but also work to teach basic sewing and design skills. We aim to spread the knowledge of fashion throughout the Gloucester community and provide space and materials for budding fashion designers to create their masterpieces.

Other existing TAG programs (graphic design, screen printing, painting, film/photography) have allowed participants to foster passion for different aspects of creativity and art, and turn these passions into paths of study and subsequently, careers. We hope that our Fashion Program will reach out to a new demographic of students in the Gloucester area, and allow them to explore their interests. While the initial draw for students is to get involved in design and fashion, our programs teach the students much larger-scale ideas such as job skills, problem solving skills, dedication and project follow-through, entrepreneurship techniques, how to handle responsibility, and how to develop their creative style. It is also dually beneficial to the community, who is able utilize their services.

Our TAG program has a history of great success, and we would love to expand in order to reach students who are not interested in the programs we currently offer. We hope to create a fashion program that yields just as much success as our other departments, and serves both the kids in the community and various businesses and organizations whom they are able to service. Our current TAG departments have proved to be both successful and sustainable, and we have great confidence that the fashion department would follow suit.

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