A simple idea powers the Agents of Change Foundation: give young people tools and skills to express their ideas and share their stories, and you will give them a spring board to a world of wider opportunities. Today, we face immense local and global challenges, including, changes in climate, poor infrastructure, education and health concerns, and rapid population growth. But where adults see problems, children and young people see opportunities. Radio, the most accessible and impactful technology in Zambia and many African countries is the means to these possibilities. By training and equipping young people with skills in the use of radio technology, Agents of Change Foundation will develop a new generation of leaders to meet these challenges.
The idea behind this youth-led foundation is to inspire, uplift, and improve the lives of children and young people in Zambia by giving them the skills and tools to make their voices heard. Using radio and other low-cost communication technologies, we build local capacity to create and sustain community based youth initiatives. Training young people to report on pressing issues in their communities, listening to other people’s perspectives, sharing struggles, solution finding, and saving as well informed peer educators are among the various things we do. We also create high quality radio programs around issues that matter to young people. We broadcast youth produced radio, reaching millions with inspiring educational programming on local and national radio stations, including international social media platforms like Sound Cloud.

Why radio? Agents of Change Foundation believe that radio is an intimate medium of voices,stories, and dialogue. It allows young people to share personal experiences and talk about issues they face in their communities. Radio is easy to learn-it requires minimal technical expertise and young people pick up the conceptual and production skills quickly.It is universal and the most widespread.

Подкрепен от Lusaka (August 2014)