Kyn :: Democratizing Philanthropy

We want to use digital tools to democratize philanthropy for all. We think it's too hard for new funders (particularly millennials inheriting large sums) to get engaged in philanthropy.

Our launch app makes it super simple for new philanthropist to find and follow the work of more experienced funders in their sector. For example, if I'm interested in media innovation, I'd use Kyn to quickly find John Bracken @ Knight, Kathy Im @ MacArthur, and John Hallett @ McCormick. I'd see that two of them have made a grant to Crisis Text Line. I can either use the Kyn community to connect with those funders directly to discuss their diligence on CTL, or I can make a two-click grant to the organization.

It currently takes b/w 12-17 clicks to donate to a nonprofit listed on a foundation's website. We think that should be reduced to two at most.

Our vision is to insert just the right amount of technology to make philanthropy work better for all. We're exploring pseudo-anonymity tools for individuals (we've learned many people are afraid to hang out their philanthropy hat for risk of being inundated with proposals), RFP tools for family foundations (e.g. we know we want to focus on XYZ sector this spring, but how do we get the word out), and other tools to help an individual with a $200k donor advised fund be as effective as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (November 2014)