Garden Mothers - Planting Seeds

Our business focuses on three key areas: Lifestyle, Education, Lifestyle. We believe in eating as a community, loving oneself, and growing in even the smallest ways. We are here to enact change through a creative and sociological drive process of discovery, food production, and community building.

This summer, Planting Seeds Landscaping is piloting the Garden Mothers Project. The goal of this project is to improve low-income mothers’ access to nutritious foods, to allow for greater self-sufficiency and sustainability, and to combat the effects of poverty in day-to-day life. It is a valuable opportunity to learn, grow, and make meaningful connections in the process.

We have created an in-depth and experiential programme that provides women with the space, knowledge, and expertise to work with edible plants in order to become more self-sustaining. Weekly programme activities include visits to organic farms; learning how to identify local edible plants and their various uses; learning about self-sustainability; participating in urban gardens; visiting water buffalo; cooking and nutrition classes; learning to make cosmetic and healing creams from local plants, and more. Participants will also have the option to put their new skills to long-term use by engaging in our co-piloted educational organic farming project, where they will be allocated plots of growing space their own use

Through this program we not only develop participants’ skills and knowledge, but we also foster an environment that promotes self-care and personal healing. Our safe and inclusive environment allows participants’ growth to parallel their gardens’. Furthermore, this program establishes important connections between organic farmers, local businesses, and London residents. This community building aspect is integral to the creation of a healthy and vibrant London.

Подкрепен от London, ON (May 2014)