Good Art Shouldn't be Hard to Find

April’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Kristina Corre, to support an Easter egg hunt for original artwork hidden across the city.

“I've always loved a good easter egg hunt,” says Kristina. “My favourite part of the hunt, of course, is being the one to hide the eggs. My awesome project is the chance for me to be that Easter bunny for Ottawa. But instead of leaving mystery chocolates that no one will want to eat off the streets, I'm going to leave some original, hand-painted, made-with-love art.”

Kristina aims to use 10x10” wood panels, leaving five pieces of art in each of the city’s 23 wards. Some pieces she will produce herself, and others will be made by talented friends and artists she plans to recruit. Each piece will be accompanied by a note encouraging members of the public to take it home if they love it. Before being dispersed through the city, the art will be shown at the Chinatown Remixed festival.

Kristina, who blogs at, is an architecture graduate who has recently embraced her artistic talents. She invites other artists interested in producing a panel to contact her at You can follow her progress at

Подкрепен от Ottawa (April 2014)