Art in the Garden

When we planned the garden, we left open space for future projects and community fun -- such as the concert we had here in the fall. But one of the wonderful byproducts of this venture has been the number of kids who are involved with the garden. We would like to create an experiential art space for these children and their families, so that they can experience what they're learning about planting, growing, and harvesting through art.

Ideally, we'd like to set up art boxes, art tables and seating, art equipment and supplies, and even musical instruments that can stand the elements! We want the kids to be able to come to the garden and open up the art boxes and have access to paints, paper, chalk, beads, wire, triangles, chimes -- you name it. We'd also like to have exhibit space to show their art work. We do have a roof over part of the open space, so it could be assembled underneath. We had a contest for the kids to design how the rain barrels will be painted, and they look great! We want to have sights and sounds of art all around the garden, created by children.

Last, but certainly not least, we'd like to bring in artists who can teach the kids and their parents to create artworks they can't do within the confines of school or home. Large works or small, collaborative or individual; the only common strand would be a connection to nature. And we want more concerts!
As you can see, we visualize a true community arts environment for families, within the realm of our treasured garden.

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (March 2014)