Furnishing families, singles and youth

OK, Working with homeless I have noticed many clients finally receive housing but do not have the furnishings to make their new place a home. It is well known that here in Kingston on April 30th there are many furnishings put to the curb as that is the day that Queens and St. Lawrence college students move out. Myself and a close friend/co-worker have been brainstorming how we can put these furnishings to use to the homeless population here in Kingston. We have come up with an idea to advertise throughout the University and College with posters, letters to the prof's and in the journal. We have also made sign up sheets to put in all the shelters of Kingston so any clients moving out will be able to sign up for needed furnishings. This idea can happen, we just need storage and Homebase housing has many properties but very little storage throughout these properties.

Подкрепен от Kingston (April 2014)