RE-SPECS Frames for the Needy

The project collects and restore used and surplus glasses frames, redistributing them to Israelis in need. Frames are sold at a nominal price at the RE-SPECS store, where we also provide customized lenses for a nominal price, generating the proceeds back into the operation. Those who are unable to afford even the nominal fees are assisted through our Project 2C Fund.

In addition to being a worthy recycling venture whose benefit to the environment is obvious, RE-SPECS aims to ensure that all vision-impaired people, regardless of financial standing, are able to obtain suitable eyewear. RE-SPECS believes that no person should live without corrective eyewear simply because he cannot afford it.

To date we have collected 14,000 frames - mostly new, surplus - and this has enabled us to establish 4 additional branches and thus to broaden our reach as much as possible.

Подкрепен от Tel Aviv - קרן בקטנה (April 2014)