Funk Parade

Funk Parade is a one-of-a-kind street fair, parade and music festival for DC and the U Street neighborhood, on May 3, 2014, the 211th anniversary of the DC’s incorporation. It's a celebration of what makes U Street great, what makes Washington DC, great, and what makes being alive such a groove.

The day's schedule is as follows:

The Funk Parade street fair (noon-5): The U Street neighborhood teems with music and performance, artists and vendors, food and art, workshops and spontaneous acts of soul.

The mighty Funk Parade (5-7): The main event! Imagine a gyrating horde of dancers, a marching band behind them, and a drum corps. Hear beat-boxers and junkyard drummers, see pot-bangers and clappers and kids on their parents’ shoulders. Horn players wander in and out of the crowd, neighbors come out of their homes to join the procession. A thunderous syncopated army of groove, winding its way through the neighborhood, calling the city to the funk.

The Funk Parade music festival (7- ): Grooves from all corners of the human soul play in venues on and around U Street. The sounds of the city’s best acts call from every doorway.

One day, one spirit, one celebration of funk: the subatomic particle of love. The Funk Parade — free your mind and your city will follow!

Подкрепен от Washington, DC (March 2014)