Kiss for Peace!

On November 4th 2013, a new project was started to promote peace and mutual understanding among people of Iran and the United States of America. The two countries, with very dark days in the history of their relationship, initiated direct contacts after over 30 years. Amid such positive atmosphere Netformance, a creative internet based performance art , called on people to send their photos (using social medias like Facebook twitter and instagram)while posing a kissing gesture! Immediately after the website went live, many social network users participated and showed a very positive feedback. In just one week we received over 300 pictures and several International news agencies such as BBC covered our story. Now we are moving forward to bring “Kiss For Peace” to public spaces.

Now; Public show / Pittsburgh:
In light of Pittsburgh’s long history in embracing creative art works, we are

considering to our public demonstration from this city by projecting pictures on a city building. That would give us the opportunity to invite people of Pittsburgh(observers ,pedestrians...) to participate in real time and post their photos(their kisses!) on the website which then will be projected back on the building.

Internet-Performance art; is an interdisciplinary project with the objective to have audience at the heart of an art work looking at
various challenges of the societies . Our goal is to use creative ideas and innovative technology to help people’s opinion about these issues heard.
A software was developed to
connect social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instamatic to a web portal and update the website in real time using the

content provided by users of these services. This platform will serve the Netformance art work and its subsequent developments in the future.

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (December 2013)