Every day 5:00am passes me by. While I am asleep there is a world that I am completely detached from. When I begin settling in for the evening there are countless others getting themselves ready to start their day.

From bakers and farmers to gas station attendants and factory line workers, we live in a world that never truly sleeps. Productivity and services continue to be provided while many of us are asleep and dreaming. When I wake up in the morning I can, without a second thought, enjoy freshly made bread, produce picked hours earlier or even a newly paved road.

The 5am project developed out of an interest to step outside of my 9-5 world; to document places, people and livelihoods at - or as close to - 5am as possible. The world may look very different when not congested with people and cars but that does not mean we have all settled in for sleep.

Welcome to 5am.

Подкрепен от Kitchener-Waterloo (November 2013)