Euripides' Medea by Bump in the Night Theatre

Bump in the Night Theatre is Chicago's newest horror theatre group. We have spent the last year hosting events and building a community of devoted horror/theatre fans. We are excited to be producing our first live show, the Greek tragedy Medea!

In this exciting production, we take the well known ancient story and spice it up to enhance the magic and the horror. So much BLOOD!

This tragic tale of a betrayed woman who kills her children to spite her husband and take back her power is probably one of the more well known ancient Greek stories.

With our version, we hope to add to the mythos by expanding on details about Medea’s story from the original text. Medea is the granddaughter of Helios, the sun god. Her divine lineage is reflected in her power as a sorceress and priestess of Hecate. Originally this magic manifested as her use of herbs and potions. In our production, we will exaggerate this trait by adding telekinesis to her magical arsenal. Think Medea as Carrie. We will also be exploring her relationship to light and the sun as granddaughter of Helios. Culminating in a final scene of darkness that echoes modern found footage movies.

We are also looking to draw direct connections between the ancient story and modern day female led horror movies. We will draw inspiration from movies such as Carrie, The Witch, The Craft, Midsommar, Suspiria and probably some others.

Opening this Summer in Chicago, Medea will be a chance for our group, led by Artistic Director Garrett McCann, to explode onto the scene and leave a "horrific" impression on the Chicago theatre landscape.

We love it so much that despite not being our primary winner this month, we want to help it out with a $500 grant!
-Awesome Chicago

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (May 2024)