Free Professional Headshots for Students

My name is Anthony Alcala and I'm the owner of The Booth Bus. We are interested in hosting free professional portrait/ head-shots for local students in Watsonville, CA for their LinkedIn profiles/ CV applications. Watsonville is uniquely located in the southern district of Santa Cruz County and is predominantly a Hispanic, Latinx population with lower income compared to other regions. Santa Cruz, CA is Silicon Valley's next door neighbor but yet Watsonville's population doesn't seem to reap the job benefits of big tech.

There's a really cool project called Digital Nest that operates in Watsonville and helps Watsonville youth learn to code and gain employable skills for Silicon Valley type jobs and our desire is to pair with Digital Nest and offer their students and other local Watsonville schools with free high-end, professional head-shots to help them with their future career ambitions. Now more than ever, it's important to have a strong digital presence. And we strongly believe a stand-out photo will empower these students to succeed in their quests for ambitious careers.

Подкрепен от Santa Cruz, CA (April 2024)