Benches for Neighborhood Garden

Philadelphia Scenic Works (PSW) is a non-profit woodshop located in North Kensington in Philadelphia, an area with vibrant population but an extreme lack of historical investment. So, residents have taken it upon themselves to beautify the neighborhood. One such resident - Gloria "Smooches" Cartagena - has been working for the past few years to beautify the corner lot outside her house. A few years ago, PSW helped by building a fence for the lot and providing decorative wood decals. Smooches enlisted neighborhood kids paint flower boxes, and got a mural painted on the wall. In the summer she brings out planter boxes and gardens. She calls it the "butterfly garden" because of the butterfly decals and the butterflies on the mural. We would like to continue to enhance this outdoor space by building and installing some benches for residents to sit. The space is nice and well used during the warmer months, but it needs places to sit and enjoy it.

Подкрепен от Philadelphia, PA (March 2024)