February’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Jocelyn Umengan to support Giggles4Health, her initiative to enhance mental wellness through the magic of laughter.

“In a world where daily pressures often overshadow our need for joy and connection,” explains Jocelyn, “Giggles4Health strives to be a sanctuary where the community can gather, share laughs, and revel in the profound simplicity of happiness.”

“At the heart of this venture are thoughtfully curated events,” she continues, “each designed to uplift spirits and forge lasting connections — all free of charge. From the lighthearted banter of ‘Silly Dad Joke Sessions’ to the stress-free mingling of ‘Speed Friending with a Twist’ and the nostalgic joy of ‘Minute to Win It Games,’ these gatherings transcend mere entertainment. They are a deliberate exploration into the realms of mental wellness, providing participants with a respite from life's demands.”

“Laughter is a shared language,” says Jocelyn, “and the pursuit of mental well-being is a collective journey.”

Jocelyn is a marketing professional and social media guru. You can join one of her events at

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