Camp compassion/ A2outreach

I started a camp out reach program over the past summer. We have had many "tent city's" pop-up in and around the Annarbor-Ypsilanti area. The people within are are not refugee's but are part of are community. Unfortunately many of us are one paycheck away from housing insecurity. I currently work for the shelter association of washtenaw county. I work with the financially unstable daily and think I could do more. I currently go around to are local "camps" and assist people with everyday needs. With your help this program could help feed, cloth, and protect people from the elements by providing tents. As well as help get state ID's, rides to FIA (welfare office) or CMH (community mental health) and the delonis center. We help people find their selfs again and rejoin the community at a productive state.

Подкрепен от Ann Arbor, MI (February 2024)