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I am setting up base in a community youth centre in the Everton area of Liverpool. I am going to be running art workshops for children and adults. Ranging from drawing,painting,collage and clay sculpting plus much more. The aim is to engage with the community through art. Encouraging children to socialise and develop there artistic skills and providing art education and giving teenagers an insight into alternative routes of employment,into creative industries.Aswell as providing art therapy to specifically older groups using clay workshops to help aid physical problems such as arthritis etc...
As well as providing art for fun, art for education, art for therapy I will also be setting up paint party's for all occasions as another source of income to sustain the upkeep.
And long term I want to be able to offer courses offering art accreditation to teenagers who may have been removed from main stream education and adults looking for alternative routes back to employment.

Подкрепен от Liverpool (October 2013)