Winter Hot Chocolate & Donuts Skating Event

The second of two Awesome Ottawa awards for December goes to Emily Andruchow and the Overbrook Community Association to support a winter evening event at the local skating rink.

“I am a community board member on the Overbrook Community Association,” says Emily, “and I and other board members are planning to throw a fun winter evening event at our community skating rink.”

“A hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, candy, and sprinkles,” she begins, “and donuts from a local bakery! Games on the ice, a craft room inside the community centre, music, fire pits and chairs, skate rental… Just a super fun winter evening event.”

Winter is my absolute favourite season,” she says, “and I'd love to shine some light on what can be a very dark time of year for lots of people!”

Emily has been volunteering on the Overbrook Community Association board for the last year, and works for the city on the Light Rail Transit project.

Подкрепен от Ottawa (December 2023)