Gordon Parks HS Ipad Charging Station

Gordon Parks High School students will now have an iPad Charging Station thanks to AwesomeStPaul. The students and teachers will be building the docking station so students will be able to charge up their iPads before leaving school for the day. Congratulations students and teachers! What an awesome idea.

According to winning applicant Merredith Joly, "Gordon Parks High School is Saint Paul Public School's Alternative Learning Center High School named in honor of Gordon Parks who is a celebrated photojournalist among many other areas who became prominent in the 1940s through 1970s working in civil rights, poverty and African American culture. GP is located on University Avenue and Griggs right off the train line. Our students come to us in need with the ultimate goal of finishing their high school degree and graduating! We are a Title 1 setting with almost 200 high school students aged 16-21. Many have gone through so much in their lives and want the best future for themselves and their families.

"Students often leave school daily without a location to charge an I pad in their personal dwelling. Many of our students are transient, "Couch surf" and going to work immediately after leaving school that any way we can help alleviate the worry of having an I pad charged and ready for use the next day is needed.

"We want to construct an I pad docking station for our Alternative Learning Center students at Gordon Parks High School. Many of our students are missing, lost, or have had I pad charging equipment stolen. For this reason, our project idea involves our students and staff as a collective unit working together to construct a station where students will be able to plug their I pad in before leaving Gordon Parks each day."

Подкрепен от St. Paul, MN (December 2023)