Treehouse DC

Founded by Eddie Harris and Nessar Jahanbin, Treehouse is a groundbreaking, multi-disciplinary art gallery and music venue, meticulously crafted by artists for artists based in Uptown. It stands as a vibrant embodiment of the free expression and boundless creativity of emerging talent in today's artistic landscape. With a vision to establish itself as an integral cornerstone within the rich tapestry of D.C. 's art and performance community, Treehouse is poised to be a beacon for artistic innovators, collaborators, and performers.

Opening to the public for the first time as part of DC’s Art All Night on September 23rd, 2023, Treehouse featured 14 artists of various mediums, two jazz sets by the incredible Herb Scott presented by Sonic Lifeline and a live vinyl DJ set. We felt it was important to have our first event focused on the beauty of improvisation and being present, which is core to both jazz and DJing. The experimentation of mixing different expressions of art and bringing all walks of life from the community is an example of what to expect from Treehouse.

Treehouse also seeks to develop artists of all skill levels by not only providing gallery space without bureaucracy, but providing workshops and mentorship to artists (and the broader DC community) to refine their skills and learn how to navigate the art space. Workshops can be tactical such as learning how to screenprint to professional development such as how to sustain yourself financially as an artist. This stemmed from conversations we have had with artists of different disciplines all finding a common experience with struggling to create while also supporting themselves. We believe by facilitating knowledge sharing, we are benefitting artists of all time and giving them the tools to continue creating.

Above all, just as playing in a Treehouse as a child always has a sense of whimsy and carefreeness – we want people to have fun and be able to have a moment of solace.

Подкрепен от Washington, DC (October 2023)