Neighbors Building Brightmoor newsletters

Neighbors Building Brightmoor publishes a 4-page, full color, monthly newsletter that spotlights good news in the neighborhood (block clean-ups, new gardens, children's activities) and shares information about resources and upcoming local events (kids' art event, teen night, NBB meetings, safety patrol dates, and so on). In addition, one recurring column profiles a neighborhood teenager who is a positive role model for other youth, and every month we publish a contact list of our block captains. The newsletter is an important vehicle for sharing information about local happenings, and because we hand deliver them to over 400 houses in our target area, it is also a way for our organization to maintain personal connections with neighbors. While we do publish an electronic edition of the newsletter, we believe that distributing a print version is critical in our neighborhood where many people lack at home internet access or simply aren't interested in it.

Подкрепен от Detroit, MI (September 2013)