Eagle Scout Project to Benefit Old Farm Rockport

I am currently working on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts. For my project I am working with Old Farm Rockport to give them a permanent structure over an activities table they use and a native plant garden. Old Farm Rockport is a non profit that houses people with severe brain injuries. In addition, they run programs for non resident community members.

There are two parts to my project. They have a patio next to a shed. I am creating a roof structure to cover the patio used for work projects and eating. It will be 10'x12' and have a pitched top. I will have to clear the area out for where my roof project will be. They have some old flower planters there that I will have to remove so I can create my covering. I will also be taking out a window and restructuring the side of the shed to fit a new door that connects to the covered area to help with accessing the shed. This will allow the residents to use the area during inclement weather as well as provide shade during summer days. Currently they do not utilize the area if it is raining or too hot.

I will also be creating a native plant garden that will help restore a balanced ecosystem there. It will be located right at the entrance of their property. They have a fenced in flower garden that is a major part of their summer program. They wish to start a multi year project to develop a portion of their front lawn into an area filled with native plants. I will clear an area for future planting. I will also be constructing a 10 by 10 flower bed for native plants to better help the environment there and to help the residents.

Подкрепен от Rockport, MA (September 2023)