One Set: 10-month School Based Program

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The "One Set: 10-month School Based Program" is a after school program for teen parents and expecting teens in Cleveland, Ohio. Our first program will be in partnership with Euclid High School meeting once a month for the 2023-2024 academic year. During meetings, pregnant teens and teen parents will be introduced to a variety of educational resources and workshops to aid them throughout their pregnancy and after as they navigate parenthood. Topics of workshops and resource sharing will include:

  • Infant Health + Safety
  • Sexual Health + Wellness
  • Limiting future teen pregnancies
  • Goal Setting + Future Planning
  • Mental Health ( postpartum)
  • Self love + care
  • Prenatal care
  • Navigating Teen Parenthood

Additionally, our program will bring students experiencing teen pregnancy together along with mentor figures to build a supportive community that is caring, warm, and understanding.

ABOUT ONE SET: One Set is a non-profit organization in Maple Heights, Ohio promotes health and community by providing educational resources, advocacy, and mentorship to teen parents.

Here at One Set, both teen mothers and fathers are welcomed to supportive services as well as building relationships not only with health professionals, but also those who have been in their shoes.

In addition, One Set prioritizes community outreach within local school districts by playing an active role within a school setting. Through various programming and services, local teen parents will be given the tools to cultivate a healthy future in parenting and self-development.

Подкрепен от Cleveland, OH (September 2023)