Healing Groups

Survivor Healing Groups are for groups of 12-15 victim-survivors that meet togetherly monthly and learn about ways to heal from a registered psychologist/or counsellor. What Were You Wearing's Survivor Healing Groups are conducted within a safe peer-support environment and are facilitated by two experienced professionals. The aim is to provide an open and safe space for survivors to come together and connect with others that have had similar experiences, and leave with gained knowledge and tools for healing and recovery.
Research shows that social support leads to many different positive outcomes for survivors of sexual violence. Generally, it can influence survivors by helping them to develop positive coping skills, thereby mitigating the negative effects of the trauma (Leech & Littlefield, 2011).

Our short-term goals are:

Newcastle will finally have a sexual violence support group, which is essential to the wellbeing
and healing of victim-survivors that reside in Newcastle.
●Survivors will gain an increased sense of social connection
●Survivor will have a reduction in trauma, anxiety and symptoms of depression
●Survivors will start to rebuild trust, hope of recovery and experience empowerment.
●Survivors will gain various healing tools

Medium-term outcomes

●There will be a community of survivors that will be equipped with healing tools
●A strengthened community of survivors
●More awareness around sexual assault in Newcastle

Long term outcomes
Contributing to preventing sexual violence within Newcastle/Lake Macquarie. Survivors of sexual violence will always have a safe space and support group to go to. It will be funded by the government or council regularly to last long term.

Подкрепен от Newcastle (August 2023)