Fright for Future

Fright for Future, is a free haunted maze of "true terrors" bringing scary issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, and animal rights to light this Halloween. Fright for Future will be on Friday, October 13th - Sunday, October 15th. I put this event on in 2021 by myself at a park in Washington State and last year I partnered with local organizations to put the event on for the public at the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego, CA. It was a success! 170 people got tickets prior to the event on Eventbrite and around 150 people went through the maze! I invited several local environmental and animal rights organizations to create an exhibit as part of the "haunted maze" that is scary and educational, and specific to the cause the organization advocates for. The six participating organizations also tabled at the event. As you go through the haunted maze there are QR codes to scan in each exhibit to learn more about the issue being addressed (see event website below for more info). There were 12 haunted exhibits (I made 6 of the exhibits and partner organizations made the other 6). I will be adding an additional 2-3 exhibits next year.
My long-term goal is to create a Fright for Future toolkit with everything there is to know about how to put on this event, so others can hold this event to educate their communities.

Fright for Future exhibits:
Biohazard Unit - Air Pollution/Climate Change
Fur-Eaky - Fur Industry
Dead Sea - Plastic Pollution
Ghost Netting - Fishing nets affect on sealife
Chainsaw Massacre - Deforestation
Killer Dinner - Shark Finning
Mad Scientist - Animal Testing
The Extinction - Animal Extinction
Killer Look - Fast Fashion
Poacher Camp - Rhino Poaching
Butcher Shop - Animal Rights/Meat Industry
The Cage - Chicken/Egg Industry
Witch’s Cauldron - Animal products used in cosmetics
The Circus - Animals used for entertainment
Apocalypse - Oil industry/ Fracking

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