Adaptive Tennis for Neurodivergent Children

Neurodivergent children are too often excluded from most extracurricular sports like hockey and soccer due to the nature of the sport. Tennis allows for the unique opportunity to have peer-on-peer play in group settings, and create an environment where neurodivergent individuals can thrive.

Our programming is dedicated to helping participants through sport and creating a more inclusive sports community. The Autism Alliance of Canada, in their National Needs Assessment Survey, found that in both pre-school and school aged children, activity based programs were among the top five demanded. For preschoolers, the demand ranked 4th with 55% of participants indicating this was a needed service, while it ranked second with School-aged children at 51%.

Proset will be running a fall program in Toronto over an 8 week session in which students will receive one hour of tennis lessons a week. From parental feedback, we know the effects of our programming are felt at home and at school. When enrolled in lessons, caregivers and parents report that participants have better behavioural management, leading to less stressful home-lives for the participant and their families. We see high percentages of re-registration session after session, with many staying for years, and 25% of our paid staff at all locations are former program attendees.

Подкрепен от Toronto (July 2023)