Best of the Fests

Festivals are unique opportunities to see cultures of the word through a specific lens and focus and I want to share that with the world. I have experienced a lot of personal growth and created and maintained friendships with people from people all over the world because of festivals and the cultures they create. I realize that my perspective and that of my colleagues is a unique one. I'd love to both explore that further and share it with others.

My idea is to raise enough funds and build a team to create a fresh and compelling travelogue show that looks at the culture surrounding the best-known and most eclectic festivals in the world. An ensemble cast would explore the artists, food, and folklore that make each event a completely new experience.


Cast members will each focus on their passion to reveal the big or small differences that make each festival unique. They’ll answer questions like: What is the unique culinary flavor of this event? What do people love or hate about how this event has affected their community? What unique set of challenges does the festival face? What is the history of the event? What legends or tales do people tell about this event? What does the future hold?


The ensemble will be comprised of influencers and tastemakers with expertise in different fields relating to each festival. Depending on the specific content of the particular festival, the hosts will focus on: food, planning, music, film, technology and the culture inherent to the event.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (October 2013)