Waterstromen: Hoe zit dat? (How does it work?)

As part of a series of workshops about climate adaptation we would like to create an interactive construction and educational activity about water awareness. In a neighbourhood in Rotterdam we started a project called Buurtklimaatje that’s all about water and green in the city. The goal is to create more awareness for climate adaptation and help residents to create a more green and resilient neighbourhood. Archiklas organises activities for children every Friday afternoon to contribute to their knowledge about green and water an make them enthusiastic about it. We purified water, we did research on the soil in Carnisse, we build shadow screens helping against heat stress, we made booklets about the journey of a waterdrop. We sowed seeds for plants and herbs and this Friday we’re going to allocated places for new trees to grow. The interactive construction we would like to make will allow children to experiment with water flows and discover how they can block water. This refers to the Dutch water system with dykes, water pump stations and the need to keep water in certain areas for a longer time due to climate change.

Подкрепен от Rotterdam (April 2023)