Access to Making Program (AMP) Scholarships

The AMP scholarship program allows Protohaven to offer free classes for 10 BIPOC individuals from the Wilkinsburg community. BIPOC individuals often do not feel welcome in makerspaces and typically see them as places that are "not for them." Protohaven has been working to intentionally remove barriers to access (both financially and culturally).

Protohaven is Pittsburgh’s largest nonprofit community makerspace. There are 15 areas of making, including woodshop, blacksmithing, welding, jewelry, 3D printing, textiles, lasers, and more. Through AMP, Protohaven is able to provide income-based rates for classes, and memberships to those who qualify. Protohaven works on programming that intentionally removes barriers to access for under-resourced and under-represented individuals.

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (March 2023)