Flying Dragon Electric Skateboard

Awarded a Fat Cat Fab Lab Maker Residency for April-June, 2023

From April to June of 2023, Stuart Anderson will be joining the Fat Cat Fab Lab Makerspace community as he brings to life his idea for a Ride-able Dragon Electric Skateboard.

Stuart is the founder of Weather and Knots woodworking, and co-founder of Ghostskate, a MeetUp based skateboarding community group in NY, NJ and Chicago.

The goal of the Dragon Board is to create an icon of electric and unpowered transportation that inspires people to think about where these vehicles belong on our roads. The Dragon Board is meant to catch the imagination of onlookers and welcome people to open their minds to what skateboarding can mean to them.

The ride-able dragon electric skateboard is set to have a 3D sculpted face, claws & tail, lighting for visibility & safety, breath smoke and articulating wings.

At the end of his residency Stuart plans to teach a class for the Fat Cat Fab Lab Makerspace community on vacuum press skateboard building.

Подкрепен от New York City, NY (March 2023)