Women Who Discovered How to Measure the Universe

We are creating a physical theatre performance that tells the true story of the Harvard Computers. "The Women Who Discovered How to Measure the Universe" follows the friendship of Annie Jump Cannon and Henrietta Leavitt through their scientific breakthroughs that forever changed the field of astronomy. This performance brings the science of space to life through movement, music, and light. A celebration of friendship, curiosity, and the never-ending search to find our place in the universe.

This piece was initially developed at Northwestern University through a six month collaborative process. Unfortunately, the final performances in June 2020 had to be canceled due to COVID-19. We are thrilled to finally get this show on its feet! We will be renting space at Raven Theatre for two weekends of performances in June 2023.

While minimal set and lighting design will help create the world of the play, the story truly shines through the incorporation of original music, movement, and lights! Our artists use dance and abstract physical movement to communicate not only the lives and stories of these women but also their scientific discoveries. Artists make constellations out of string lights and describe complex scientific theories about calculating the distance of stars through the use of colorful orbs. Audience members of all ages will leave not only with a new zeal for science, but a broader understanding of our vast universe.

In addition to the performances, we are excited about using this production to create a larger impact in the Chicagoland community. We are working with partner organizations that share our goals of inspiring young women in STEM through community events and workshops. We hope to shed light on these real women who forever changed the field of astronomy, and to inspire the next generation of stargazers!

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (February 2023)