Newburgh is a Broadcast

Newburgh is a Broadcast is a community project where together we create media in the format of ‘ live radio’ broadcast online via youtube. In a partnered storefront at 163 Broadway, a pop up ‘radio station’ will transform and activate the empty storefront. The radio programs will be a mix of interviews documenting the lives and day-to-day reality of living in Newburgh and showcasing local musicians by giving them a timeslot to play their own productions and/or their favorite records. Multi-lingual and intergenerational, educational and artistic Newburgh is a Broadcast aims to showcase the broad and diverse city that is Newburgh.

Over three days in March (24th-26th) Newburgh is a Broadcast will be live from 3 to 6 pm. Each segment will be either 15, 30, or 60 minutes long depending on the desires of the radio djs/musicians. Activating the space, there will be a cooking/food class offered, partnered with the local Newburgh Farmers market and ecology projects from 11am to 12pm. From 1pm to 2pm there will be a children’s story hour read by local parent(s) in the storefront. After the live broadcast is over, a talent show featuring local Newburgh musicians will be programmed from 8pm to 10pm, recorded for future broadcast and archived.

Community Radio is an essential connective tool that occupies both the digital and physical space. Currently, there is no community radio in Newburgh. This proposal fills a gap, offering opportunity and uniting Newburgh residents of diverse backgrounds to meet, interact and exchange knowledge. This is an accessible platform where all people can tune in and feel connected to and part of the larger community of living in Newburgh. The history of free form independent media assists everyday people in having a voice. Comparatively corporate media is limited in scope, programming and accessibility. Should this pop up project prove successful there is interest to extend hosting the program on an ongoing weekend basis.

Подкрепен от Newburgh, NY (January 2023)