In-Person GED Tutoring for Incarcerated Women

The Petey Greene Program will recruit 10 high-quality volunteer tutors from local universities and the Philadelphia community to provide weekly, in-person tutoring at the Federal Detention Center on 7th and Arch. We will support adult women who are working toward passing the math, science, English, and social studies sections of the GED while incarcerated. Tutors will be interviewed and selected to best meet the needs of each individual learner, and will participate in our mandatory 6-hour Pre-Service Training before beginning their tutoring placement at the prison. The pre-service training is articulated in four modules, focusing on the carceral state and prison education (1), re-entry and education (2), tutoring strategies (3), and intentional engagement and ethical volunteerism (4). Our goal is to provide individualized academic support for approximately 30 incarcerated women in pursuit of a high-school equivalency at the FDC in 2023.

Подкрепен от Philadelphia, PA (November 2022)