ZEZE Sublimation

ZEZE presents: Sublimation

Sublimation will train women in the Israeli Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority to use sublimation machines (awesome machines which print on almost anything - t-shirts, cups, hats... you name it!).

Our brand of cool products will be designed by budding young Israeli designers and produced ethically in order to create double good: we will be giving ex-prisoners a trade and employment, and we can produce some awesome products and clothing along the way!

ZE.ZE is a social business.
We believe that our social projects must be all sustainable and must at least retain them self. That way we can promise a lasting project that does not lean on philanthropy. All ZE.ZE profits and incomes are invested as seed money for new projects.

WE love ZEZE and Sublimation because they are creating awesome clothing whilst providing women in need with training and a job! Plus, who doesn't love well designed, but socially responsible products??

Подкрепен от Tel Aviv - קרן בקטנה (May 2013)