New Touchpads

The swim team needs new touchpads at the ends of the pool that are used for timing. When swimmers hit the touchpads at the end of the race - the time goes up to the scoreboard.

We need one touchpad in every lane and there are 8 lanes in our pool.

Each touchpad costs $1500 so we are raising funds to purchase these new touchpads before we host the 2023 Winter State Meet here in Watertown.
The swim team in Watertown has about 200 swimmers on the team and the Milbank Swim Team just joined us this summer and they have 70 swimmers on their team.

The State Swim Meet will be held in February 2023.

We are excited to have about 450 swimmers from around the state come and compete.

These touchpads will last for about 10 years and we will host many meets after that state meet here in our Watertown pool.

Подкрепен от Watertown, SD (August 2022)