Gaia Milieu for "The Color Wheel" at HEREart NY

Gaia is a large-scale site-specific installation that explores the increasingly severe divide between human beings and their natural world as the complex system of life and organic materials surrounding them becomes more and more exotic and alien due to their lack of contact with it. Plants that at one time were familiar are now strange and exotic. The installation will be made using a variety of printmaking processes, including but no limited to etching, screen print, relief print, and monoprint, in combination with materials indicative of our modern world that seem to have replaced our natural ones like plastic, office supplies, birthday party table cloth, neon straws, pipe cleaners, etc. My ultimate goal with the installation is to completely transform the HereArt Gallery Space in Soho NY into a completely immersive environment that moves from one level of the gallery into the other. I am increasingly interested in how the installation infect spaces like urban kudzo almost as if we moved forward 100 years and our plastics actually have begun to grow.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (May 2013)