Walkable Ottawa

May’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Carolyn Mackenzie to support advocacy around walkable communities in the city.

“Walkable Ottawa,” explains Carolyn, “is a volunteer organization that helps create communities that are healthier, happier, safer, greener, and smarter. We promote research, analysis, and discussion of the elements needed to create and enhance walkable communities.”

“Our outreach to date,” she continues, “has included neighbourhood-level workshops, website and blog posts, social media, and a regular newsletter. We bring together community members, active transportation and environmental specialists, architects, developers, and others because we believe that better solutions can be forged through consensus and more constructive conversations about neighbourhood planning.”

“The City of Ottawa will soon be pushing ahead with Transportation, Parks, and Greenspace Master Plans, as well as a zoning review. Our workshops and discussions can provide important input and contribute to walkability and ’15-minute’ neighbourhoods.”

Carolyn is a founding member of Walkable Ottawa, Chair of the Planning Committee for the Glebe Community Association, and a member of the Planning Advisory Committee for the City of Ottawa.

Подкрепен от Ottawa (May 2022)