ReachYou is an immersive Augmented Reality experience that asks people to contemplate a world where our earth is no longer habitable and to record their tender memories of this time. Their recordings are launched into the HumanRecord : an animated, spatially-responsive, dynamic and ever-expanding AR sculptural gallery with voices of participants from all over the world.

The Tribeca Film Festival will be ReachYou's global premiere this June as an Official Selection in their Immersive category, which will bring around 4,000 people to the work in-person as well as thousands of others to satellite sites and at home.

We have the chance to build an intimate environment that will draw visitors away from the hubbub of the festival, giving them enclosed, warm spaces to record their intimate responses to deepening prompts like “what grief, tiny or profound, are you experiencing right now?” and to contribute their voices to the HumanRecord.

ReachYou is singular in the way that it elevates Augmented Reality to a socially-engaged, immersive, contemplative art experience. It addresses the gap in our cultural conversations around grief and loss; and cultivates a feeling of oneness between strangers.

This work is Humane Technology: it’s socially responsible, allowing us to deepen our own contemplation and our connection to strangers. And the physical space must mirror this value. As ReachYou changes our relationship with our phones and teaches us to slow down, so will the space signal to visitors that this is a place of rest.

ReachYou is a tool for cataloging what we stand to lose if we let our planet collapse, and the installation at Tribeca is integral to us maximizing this incredible opportunity for the world premiere of this body of work.

Our trailer is here.
Try the experience in your own space! Download it here.

Подкрепен от Boston, MA (June 2022)