Community Cook-Outs 2022

In Chicago, Friday summer nights are statistically known for being some of the deadliest nights throughout the year. Normally, youth are out of school and oftentimes resort to the streets--this is a result of not enough safe spaces in the community for them. I seek to address this issue by creating safe spaces where youth can simply exist and experience Black and brown joy.

On Friday summer nights, local community leaders and organizations will collaborate to host interactive community events at local parks, schools, and vacant lots to promote peace. At these community gatherings, they will provide families and children with different outlets to destress and release trauma. This project will allow BIPOC youth to heal by recognizing the beauty that exists within their own joy and communities. Also, it'll serve as a new and innovative framework for violence prevention efforts in urban communities.

As a survivor of gun violence, my biggest goal is to save lives in Black & brown communities because I am tired of having to bury my friends.

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (March 2022)