Looking for Love in All the Right Places

I am trying to raise funds for a nonprofit country store and food hub in a remote and wildly beautiful area of the high desert in New Mexico. I have also become a reluctant political activist for food security in remote, low income areas.

The fundraiser is rather unique in that it is written as a personal ad for the store. I am attaching a PDF of the content since it is too large to fit in any of these boxes.

Our beautiful store is in danger of closing due to the severe and ever worsening supply chain issues that are hitting our area harder than most because of our already limited number of available vendors. We have an elaborate and innovative plan to gain greater food security through greater food sovereignty that involves buying two used trucks: one to manage our own deliveries and the other to be used as a food truck/community kitchen for value added items.

At this time, we have eight grants out in the universe but it may take months for them to be looked at, let alone approved. Our project is a fundraiser looking for people outside our poor community that need a tax deduction or would like to save a country store as benefactors. Since our entire grocery order did not come in last week, we need help to survive the grant review process and are turning to private donors.

I have shown this fundraiser to a few people for critique and they all love it and say they have never seen anything like it. And that it does represent us well.

I also contacted the Albuquerque Journal to find out about putting in one Sunday edition. They were very supportive and were going to see about donating the space to us since they loved our idea so much.

I am waiting for our new PayPal account to get verified as a charity to start the fundraiser on Go Fund Me. $1000 can't save the store but $1000 spent to find a couple of loving donors would do the trick!

The actual website will be the Go Fund Me link. Our parent company website is under construction www.workinbeauty.org

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