Glowing Up

I have the vision to share my passion for hula hooping with youth. I have been hooping for 8 years and have no intentions of stopping! I am a performing artist and love to share my skills. My favorite audience are children who are in awe of what can be done with a plastic circle. My aim is to get handmade, quality hula hoops to the youth as well as teach classes in and outside of schools. Hula hooping has been a journey of healing and increasing awareness and well as confidence. I would love to supply LED hula hoops to children and allow them to glow and embark on their own hooping journeys. The circle is an all encompassing and inviting place where you can balance, dance, explore and have fun in. It gets you moving and outside of your head, where many of our creativity can become "stuck." With childhood obesity steadily on the rise, hooping can offer a path to heightened productivity all while sparking the creative minds of our future.

Подкрепен от South Bend, IN (February 2022)