Refugee Sponsorship Ibrox

Our project is looking to bring a refugee family from a war torn country to resettle in Glasgow. We are a small group of Glasgow residents, ordinary citizens who have come together in the hope of doing something truely awesome - bringing one more family to the UK and to safety *this is one more than the UKs current agreement!

Community Sponsorship is an established way to support local integration for a refugee family coming to the UK from a conflict zone or refugee camp. There are numerous groups like us across the UK and internationally who are involved in this process or ones like it. Community sponsorship is a collaboration between ordinary citizens, communities, charities, local authorities, and the Home Office.

Refugee Sponsorship Ibrox is linked with the national charity Citizens UK as our sponsor for this project.

We will be welcoming the family from their arrival in the UK, and throughout their first year we will continue to support them as they integrate into their lives here.

We have to raise £10,500 to do this and have been working really hard through various ways (and madness) to raise this money. Two of our members did a swim every day in Scottish lochs in swimsuits in October, we did a music marathon every day - and as a group we have collectively walked 500km around Glasgow -sharing beauty spots and hidden gems on route. We've even roped in some brilliant Glaswegian small businesses who have donated/fundraised. But we are still falling short and with new covid restrictions we are unable to host our fundraised in January - laeding us to you.

Подкрепен от Glasgow (February 2022)