Young West Project

The Young West Project is being facilitated by experienced community development professional and Walmer resident, Deanna Neville. It involves getting young people in the western area of Mount Alexander Shire (e.g. Maldon, Baringhup, Newstead, Walmer) to identify and photograph other inspiring young people.
This first stage will culminate in an awesome, all-hours, all-weather exhibition of the photographs being displayed during the period of the Castlemaine State Festival. The exhibition will be mounted in the front garden of the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, with the images being suspended from the boughs of our magnificent oak tree.
This is just the beginning of the project. The images used in the exhibition will be featured on an awesome new Facebook page, encouraging other young people in our region to join the project and upload their own photos. We will also hold further workshops and classes in creating videos to upload that will attach a narrative to the photographs that are being taken.

Подкрепен от Maldon (March 2013)