The Go Hub: A Community Mobility Center

Equiticity’s The Go Hub is a community mobility center, where neighborhood residents create community and socialize around mobility justice, connecting, in a culturally and contextually relevant way, to both the “hardware” and “software” explicitly designed to increase mobility in predominantly Black and Brown neighborhoods, in a manner which is racially equitable and just, as well as accessible, affordable, convenient, and safe.

The Go Hub software includes community mobility rituals, such as weekly community bicycle rides and neighborhood walking and scooter tours. The Go Hub’s software also includes active programming, such as youth bike teams, adult bicycle clubs, and a variety of mobility-related classes and training opportunities. Software also includes workforce development training, including bicycle mechanics, e-bike and scooter systems repair, bicycle manufacturing, and urban delivery. In addition, the software is inclusive of the community power building necessary to develop a neighborhood-based, mobility justice advocacy coalition.

The Go Hub hardware includes the provision of physical infrastructure, technology, and shared mobility devices necessary to grow mobility at a hyperlocal, neighborhood level. The Go Hub’s hardware provides racially equitable physical access to public transit infrastructure, including rapid transit stations and bus stops which are safe and accessible. Hardware includes shared electric vehicles and charging stations. Hardware also includes the various micromobility devices, such as e-bikes and scooters. The Go Hub will implement a 100 e-bike library, with the e-bicycles already secured via an in-kind donation from Uber to the triumvirate national bike library partnership of Equiticity, Mobility Development Group, and Shared Mobility Inc.

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (January 2022)